Avoiding Plagiarism with Turnitin Draft Submissions

Beginning September 30th, 2013 you will be able to submit a draft version of any Turnitin® assignment in your courses to preview an Originality Report that will check for plagiarism BEFORE you submit a final version of your paper for grading by the deadline. 

  • The Originality Report will provide an analysis of any text that matches online sources from numerous sites and paper submissions in the Turnitin.com database and on the Internet. 
  • If you submit your draft version well before the deadline, you will have time to refine your written work to properly cite any sources you may have quoted word for word within your paper, or to paraphrase quotations from sources you cite.
  • Review APA formatting guidelines for tips on making direct citations and for indirect citations (paraphrasing) in your written work. Your grade will likely improve as you refine your work in this way.

Instructions for submitting a Turnitin® draft assignment

  1. Click the Turnitin® assignment link from the Activities block to navigate to the desired Turnitin assignment page.
  2. Click on the My Submissions Tab in the assignment window. 

  3. Submit a draft version of your written work before the specified deadline.

  4. Return back to your draft after allowing Turnitin® some time to process your submission and you should see a percentage listed under Similarity. Click the percentage shown to view your originality report. *Originality reports take between 5 and 10 minutes to process a 500-1000 word paper. Longer papers will take a little more time.

  5. If your similarity field reads "Pending" try refreshing the Turnitin® submission by clicking on "Refresh Submissions"”

  6. Wherever the Similarity report displays text that is a direct copy from an original source, you must revise your writing by either:
    • Properly citing any sources you may have quoted word for word within your paper, or by paraphrasing quotations from sources you have cited in your written work.

    • Reviewing APA formatting guidelines to make direct citations or to paraphrase (called indirect citation) in your written work.

  7. To submit the final version of your work return to the Turnitin® assignment and repeat steps 1-3. *Resubmitted papers can take 24 hours to generate a new Originality Report.