Flexible Learning Pathways through Prior Learning

Review these presentations for a background of the concepts and theories that support prior learning. Understanding this information can be extremely useful to you in earning university credit for

  1. Trainings you have previously completed (Professional/Technical*) and
  2. Writing Experiential Learning Essays** (Kolb Essays) essays on university topics for elective credit.

Download the following items and review the presentations below to get started.

In order to strengthen both the theoretical and practical aspects of the Prior Learning Process, additional support materials have been provided to assist you in understanding and developing skill in earning university credit for your experiences.

What We Know About Adult Learning:

  • There is a strong link between experience and learning
  • Much of it can be autonomous and self directed learning
  • It is relevancy-oriented learning; focused on the practical (the need to see the reasons for learning something)
  • And finally, in adult learning, reflection is critical

To Apply for Prior Learning Credit

Review the presentations below to discover more about Prior Learning Assessment and then submit each of the PLA forms above with your essay to priorlearning@uc.apu.edu